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Chapter Four

They arrived at the Hart household. Bosley rang the doorbell.

Max opened the door.

"Hi, Max," Bosley said warmly.

"Hey, Mr. Bosley," Max rumbled. "How ya doing?"

"Great, thanks. This is my friend, Sabrina Duncan."

Max took her hand. "Hi. Mr. and Mrs. H should be down in a few minutes." He gestured inside. "Come in and take a load off."

They went into the living room and sat on the sofa.

"I'll tell them you're here," Max stated. He went upstairs.

Sabrina looked around in appreciation. "This is beautiful!"

"Thank you," a voice from behind them said.

They both turned around and saw Jonathan Hart coming down the steps. "Hello, John."

Bosley rose to his feet and hurried over to him. "Jonathan!"

They both shook hands.

"How's life been treating you?" Jonathan asked.

"Not bad. I see you're doing well," Bosley commented wryly.

"It's a living," he remarked. He turned to Sabrina and smiled charmingly. "And your taste in women has definitely improved." He took her hand and kissed it. "And who is this charming young lady?"

"This is my associate, Miss Sabrina Duncan."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Jonathan said, releasing Sabrina's hand.

"Hello, Mr. Hart," she said nervously, certain everyone in the room can hear her heart beating furiously. "It's nice to meet you."

Bosley looked around curiously. "Where's Jennifer? Did she get smart and leave you already?"

"Very funny," Jonathan said, turning to face him. "She's upstairs."

"Did I hear my name mentioned?" Jennifer asked as she walked into the room.

"Jennifer," Bosley said, going over to her and kissing her on the cheek. "You're looking lovelier than ever."

She smiled. "Thank you."

"Darling, this is Sabrina Duncan, John's associate," Jonathan introduced.

"I hope we're not putting you out, Mrs. Hart," Sabrina added.

"Please call me Jennifer. It's no trouble at all. The guest house is all set up for you."

"Guest house? Bosley repeated, a little awed in spite of himself. "My, Jonathan, you've certainly moved up in the world since I've last seen you."

Max walked into the room, "Dinner should be ready in about an hour or so."

Freeway ran in and jumped all over Sabrina.

She bent down to pet him. "Hello, there." She knelt beside him and looked up at them.

"Hey," Max objected, pointing his finger at the dog. "You're dinner's in the kitchen. Get movin'."

The dog raced off in the direction that Max pointed.

"What's his name?" Sabrina asked, straightening up.

"Freeway," Jonathan answered, smiling.

"Would you like a before-dinner drink? Some coffee or something stronger, or would you rather rest before dinner?" Jennifer asked.

"I think we'd better unpack at least," Bosley admitted. "Don't you think so, Bri?"

"Sure," she agreed. "Why not?"

"I'll show you the way," Max offered.

Once Bosley and Sabrina went inside they went into their respective rooms and started unpacking.

When Bosley was finished he came into the living room. He was wondering what was keeping Sabrina so long. After another two minutes he got up and knocked on her door.

There was no response.

He opened the door and saw that she had fallen sound asleep on the bed. He smiled and finished unpacking her clothes for her. After he was finished he went back into the living room and started to read. He waited about 45 minutes, then checked his watch. He had to wake her now or else they'd be late for dinner. It wouldn't do to be late their first night there. He went back into the bedroom and shook her gently. "Bri, dinner's ready."

She stretched and yawned. "I must have fallen asleep."

He laughed. "You must have. Come on, the Hart's are waiting."

She stood up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "I have to change." She turned to go to into the bathroom.

"Why? You look fine. Besides, you can't hold up dinner."

She stopped and turned to face him. "I'll only be a few minutes."

"Bri, would you relax?" He protested. "They're people like you and me. Let's go."

She straightened the wrinkles out of her clothes and glanced down dubiously. "Are you sure I look all right?"

"You look gorgeous," he stated gallantly.

"You must be hungry," she teased.

He laughed. "Only a little, but you do look gorgeous. You always do."

She looked at the ground, embarrassed. "Thank you."

"Come on, then, before they come looking for us."

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

They both walked over to the main house and rang the bell.

Max opened the door, and showed them to the terrace.

"Do you know that Sabrina didn't believe I knew you?" Bosley said while they ate.

"Bosley!" Sabrina exclaimed, mortified. She was nervous enough and he was not making her feel any better.

"We were in the navy together," Jonathan explained.

"Many years ago," Bosley added.

"Not so long, really," Jennifer protested. She looked over at Sabrina. "Don't you like the dinner? I can have Max fix you something else if you'd prefer."

"Oh, no, everything's fine," Sabrina hastened to assure her.

"Are you sure? You've barely touched a thing."

"I just have a lot on my mind."

"She's eating with the famous Jonathan and Jennifer Hart," Bosley announced. He turned to face her. "Remember what I told you?"

She nodded.

"What did you tell her?" Jonathan asked curiously.

"Just something to help put her mind at ease," he answered evasively.

Sabrina smiled.

Everyone looked at her.

"What did you do, tell her to imagine us in our underwear?" Jonathan asked.

Sabrina immediately flushed, smile falling from her face. She stared at the floor.

"Well, I had to tell her something," Bosley said defensively. "She's been a nervous wreck all day about meeting you."

"But why?" Jennifer asked, bewildered. "We're just like everybody else."

"Not only are you multi-millionaires, but you're famous detectives as well," Bosley explained. "Don't get me wrong. I love you both, but the idea does take some getting used to. Do you remember when I first had dinner with you after you solved your first major case? I was so nervous that I put salt in my coffee and had on two different colored socks."

Everyone laughed.

"Once she gets used to you and sees how down to earth you are she'll be fine," Bosley finished. He turned to face Sabrina. "Right?"

She looked up and nodded self-consciously.

"I'm sorry," Jennifer said. "We didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. We didn't realize - "

"It's not you," she interrupted, suddenly feeling awkward. "It's just your - status in the community, I guess. I've always heard or read about you. I just never imagined meeting you, much less having dinner here."

"I know how you feel," Jonathan said understandingly. "I remember how I felt the first time we came into public attention. It was like living in a fish bowl. I didn't eat or sleep too much for the first few days."

Max came in carrying a tray with desserts - baked Alaska.

"Do you know Charlie Townsend?" Sabrina asked impulsively.

"I think we met him once or twice at a party or something," Jennifer answered, trying to remember why the named sounded familiar to her.

"I've had some business dealings with him in the past," Jonathan added thoughtfully, "but only over the telephone. I've never really seen him."

"You should know I'd never take you to a place where they'd know Charlie," Bosley admonished, helping himself to the dessert.

"Don't you work for the man?" Jennifer asked in confusion.

"Yes," Bosley answered, "but she's never seen him before. Neither have the other girls."

"Well, I'd be curious myself if I were in the same situation," Jennifer stated with certainty.

"How does he communicate with you?" Jonathan asked curiously. "Just by telephone?"

Bosley nodded. "By the way, Sabrina was wondering if she could take a picture of you some time before we leave."

"Sure," Jonathan agreed, standing up. "I'm going to mix up some J&J." He went to the bar.

"J&J?" Sabrina repeated. "What's that?"

"Some concoction those two had in the navy," Jennifer explainedd. "It's not so bad, really,once you get used to the taste."

"After the first couple you don't care any more," Bosley agreed.

Jonathan came back with a pitcher full of liquid and four glasses on a tray. He set the tray on the table. "Here we go," he started to pour and hand out glasses.

Sabrina studied hers, frowning. "Is this supposed to be green?"

"It sure is," Bosley said happily. "A toast."

They all held up their glasses.

"To Jonathan Hart," Bosley said, "for his insight and wisdom."

They all clinked glasses and drank.

Sabrina choked as the liquor burned its way down her throat.

"I told you," Jennifer said. "It takes getting used to."

"This is as good as the last time," Bosley said.

"Good, I don't make it very often," Jonathan responded.

"Why is it called J&J?" Sabrina asked breathlessly, finding her voice.

"Because we invented it," Bosley answered. "Drink up. There's plenty more where that came from."

"And when we run out I'll make some more," Jonathan added.

"I would like to make a toast," Jennifer said. "To our house guests. Without whom we'd never be drinking this stuff."

They all clinked glasses again and drank.

"Although I'm not sure if that's good or bad," she added.

They all laughed.

A few hours later Jonathan and Jennifer were in bed.

"Well," Jonathan said, "that was fun. Maybe we could do this again tomorrow."

"Jonathan!" Jennifer exclaimed in disbelief. "Why did you make so many toasts?"

"That was the only way Sabrina would drink at first," he explained.

"That's terrible! Did you see the condition that poor girl was in when they left?"

He laughed. "I sure did. Maybe she'll have a hollow leg by the time she leaves."

"Imagine how she'll feel tomorrow," Jennifer chastised.

"Imagine how we'll feel tomorrow," he countered seductively, leaning over and turning out the light.

"I take it this discussion's over," she smiled, staring into his eyes.

"I can think of other things I'd much rather be doing."

"Like what?" He smiled. "Turn out your light and you'll find out."

She smiled as well and turning out the light on her side of the bed.

The room was completely dark.

After a minute she laughed. "You're right. This is much better."

"I thought you'd approve."

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