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FanFiction Guidelines Copyright  1999 Dolphin Web Designs
Welcome to the newly revised Guidelines. Please read over these guidelines carefully, thank you.

Submitting Your Story
  1. All files must come as an attached file. If this is not possible, you may send it in the email directly. If you do this, please break up your story. For example: Your story is 5 parts -- send the five parts as a different email. I'll take them, but I will not like and it will delay your story in being posted.

  2. You must send files as: TXT (with line breaks), RTF, MS Word, Word Perfect or HTML.

  3. Please put a blank space between paragraphs.

  4. Do not include any special formatting. If you wish to have special formatting, then I suggest you send the file as either MS Word or Word Perfect.

  5. Break down your story into parts. YOU MUST DO THIS YOURSELF.

  6. Include a disclaimer. Example

  7. Include a synopsis or short summary of your story within the story itself. Example

  8. At the end of your story, include either a "The End" or "To Be Continued" along with your name and email.

  9. Proofread your work. I'll correct misspellings and some grammatical errors, but that is it.

  10. Please include at the beginning of the story if there is any violence, sex scenes, language whatever.

Send Story Submissions to:


A Short FAQ

Sending story...what should I include

Include your name, email and short summary (don't forget the story). All this should be included within the story itself.

If you don't do this, your story won't be published.

I want some special formatting done...?

Please understand that black on white is best thing possible for stories. I use the standard Times New Roman font for the stories. If you want a differen font, ask me.

I just remember something in my story...

Don't even THINK of asking me to re-write your story. If you want to change it, send me a whole new version of it.

I sent my story to you, but it has been added yet...

This either means I don't have the time at moment or there is a problem send me email. It could also be a case of some problems with your story.

Can I add pictures, sounds to my story?

Sounds: If I them in MIDI format and the file isn't too big (under 35k) I'll place it on the page. Pictures: No.


Tips on Grammar -- THIS IS A MUST READ!!

The its vs. it's war.
Its is a possessive pronoun. For Ex. The dog wagged its tail.
It's is a contraction of IT IS. For Ex. It's time to go.

Your vs. You're
Your is a possessive pronoun. For Ex. That is your toy.
You're is a contraction for YOU ARE For Ex. You're such a ham.

Whose vs. Who's
Whose is a possessive pronoun. For Ex. Whose toy is that?
Who's is a contraction for WHO IS. For Ex. Who's coming to dinner?

There vs. Their and both of them vs They're
There is an adverb, noun. For Ex. There are just too many guidelines
There is a possessive pronoun. For Ex. I saw their friends last night.
They're is a contraction for THEY ARE. For Ex. They're staying over tonight.

Two vs. To vs Too
Two is quantity. For Ex. There are two apples.
To is a prepositioin. For Ex. I'm going to the store.
Too is addition. For Ex. I want to come too.

A lot
A lot is two words. For Ex. There is a lot snow outside my house right now.

Some Writing Tips

There many other errors that I cannot list here. However, look into buying a book called, Write Right by Jan Venolia. It's a quick guide to punctuation, grammar and style. It's very helpful.

Write Right by Jan Venolia
Published by Ten Speed Press and Periwinkle Press
Third Edition


This sums it up for the guidelines. I hope everything was understandable. Happy writing!!


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