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Anniversary by Erin Cady new
This story was written a couple of years ago on what, in TV land, was Lee and Amanda's tenth anniversary (13 Feb 97). It revolves around how they celebrate the occasion. Time Alone by Valerie
Lee walks out on Amanda.

Revenge by Kate .
Lee gets sent on a phoney assignment and Amanda is kidnapped. Who's behind it all?
If the Walls Had Ears by Fiona Robinson.
Amanda searches for the roots of an Agency conspiracy when she finds a listening device in Lee's apartment.
New York by
Lee is offered a promotion to New York and must choose whether to accept the promotion or stay in D.C. with Amanda.

Too Close for Comfort
Amanda resigns from the Agency.

A Simple Mistake by Valerie Glowski
Amanda fails a random drug test.
Christmas by Bridge Frawley
Author's Note: "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag Never Happen.

Mommy Dearest by Lanie Sparks
Lee starts having nightmares about his parents again and discovers a secret that's been kept from him for more than thirty years.
Tug of War by Kim Williamson and Lanie Sparks
Francine's presumed-dead partner returns with a surprise that leaves her torn between her new friend and her old.

A Matter of Trust by Lanie Sparks
A series of misunderstandings cause Lee and Amanda to each believe that the other is having an affair.

Utopia Now by Boots Breza
First comes love, then comes marriage.. (Author's note:This story is not related to the episode "Utopia Now" from the third season)

Tough Decisions by Valerie Glowski
Amanda has a tough decision to make.

Away for the Holidays by Valerie Glowski
Away for the Holidays: Lee is sent out of the country just before Thanksgiving.

Kidnap by Bridget Frawley
A notorius thug decides to kidnap Lee Stetson's son, Philip King.

Mission of Gold by Bridget Frawley Missing Scene from "mission of gold." It takes place shortly after Amanda gets shot and brought to the emergency room and before Lee and Barney find out what her condition is.

Simone by Bridget Frawley
Lee is called in to investigate the claim that a former girlfriend might be involved with the IRA. Story takes place in the present day.
More Than Words by Tammy Parnell
Lee gets called out of town on assignment and Amanda gets temporarily partnered with Lee's friend. It doesn't take long for her to realize that there's something wrong.

L'Essential Est Invisible Pour Les Yeux by Tammy Parnell
Lee and Amanda get sent to Paris to investigate a mole who's infiltrated the US and French intelligence.

If the Sun Rises by Terri Racanelli
Late night musings of Lee Stetson and a special song.

Saying Good-Bye by Terri Racanelli
A letter from Lee to Amanda brings up som very interesting emotions (and reactions).

A Little Light by T. Parnell
Lee and Amanda check out a possible UFO landing site.

Home Again by Boots Breza
Lee and Amanda return home from California to pick up where they left off.
Passages by T. Parnell  
Amanda is kidnapped and is held an underground cave.

Fan Mail by V. Glowski
Lee is receiving threatening post cards at the office.
Too Late by Terri Rocanelli
Lee and Amanda don't meet at the train station on that faithful day. Four years later, they meet as if by fate. But with fate lies disaster as things suddenly get out of hand.

Voices That Care by Tammy Parnell
Philip and Jamie remember Amanda and Lee.
The Eyes Have It by Bridget Frawley
The scene that wasn't in the actual episode that aired on CBS.

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